Ready For the Coming Opportunities?  

Future. China. Electric. Autonomous. Connected.

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Chinese companies have come west: 107 by our count, in 170+ locations, with $15+ billion invested. Electric is replacing gasoline, businesses are pushing autonomy worldwide. What new opportunities can you seize upon? ZoZo Go advises automakers, suppliers, dealers and investors on how to get ahead of global changes.

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The current pace of industry change is astounding. Company leadership must be vigilant in pursuing opportunities and recognizing surprises. ZoZo Go offers executive briefings and customized research on Chinese auto-tech firms, EV and AV technologies.

“60 Minutes” segment

On February 24th, 60 Minutes aired a segment titled “China’s Drive to Dominate the Electric Car Industry.” Our CEO Michael Dunne appeared throughout. CLICK to view the 13 minute piece.