Ready For the Coming Opportunities?  

Future. China. Electric. Autonomous.

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Investor Advisory Services

Chinese companies have come West, Electric Vehicles are replacing gasoline, autonomy is changing commutes worldwide.  What new opportunities can your business seize upon? ZoZo Go advises automakers, suppliers, dealers and investors on how to get ahead of global changes.

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Strategic Briefings for Company Leadership 

The current pace of industry change is astounding. Company leadership must be more vigilant than ever in pursuing opportunities and recognizing surprises. ZoZo Go offers customized research and executive briefings on Chinese auto-tech firms, electric vehicles and autonomous technologies. 

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China Automotive Power 50 Report 

There is a global race for supremacy in electrics and autonomous vehicles.  Who are the leading Chinese firms? What are their strengths? Where are they investing?  The China Automotive Power 50 delivers facts and insights on the leading Chinese players, market access rules and future demand trends.