Never before has so much change upended the global auto industry so quickly and with so much force. 

  • China is reshaping the global automotive order. 
  • Supercomputers are replacing engines as the heart of the car. 
  • Autonomous tech is changing cars into living spaces on wheels.

How to respond? Move with the changes. Get ahead of them.

The Chinese character Zo(走)  means to make a move, to beat a path to advantageous territory. ZoZo Go advises clients on how to profit from the changes.  

Michael Dunne and his team of professionals have been trusted advisors to automotive leaders in Shanghai, Detroit, Stuttgart and Tokyo since 1991.  

What We Do:  

Strategic Advisory Services 

  • Market Assessments & Entry
  • Winning New Business
  • Negotiation Advisory

Executive Briefings

  • How China Works 
  • Where China Auto-Tech Is Going Globally 
  • China's Automotive Leaders
  • Market Intelligence and Power Rankings 

China Automotive Power 50 Report

  • Beyond China: Asia's Hidden Jewels - India, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia

We know the automotive business and we know how China works. Our advisory services let you discover  - and capitalize on - the immense opportunities coming from China's global push.