Mr Dunne deftly sketches the cast of characters as consumers, corporations and cultures clash against an epic industrial backdrop.
— Wall Street Journal
An excellent read that should generate knowing nods and guffaws from Old China hands and prove an inspirational guide to newcomers.”
— South China Morning Post
The quintessential American business yarn, the kind ancient China hands spin over a draft at Shanghai watering holes like Malone’s or Big Bamboo. Dunne’s language is to-the-point but peppered with wisecracks and engaging anecdotes. Car people will go crazy for this book...likely to be a helpful read for anyone seeking to understand business in China.
— China Economic Review
If you have any intention of doing business in China...you don’t have to be General Motors to understand the complexities of their society. You don’t have to be General Motors to do business and succeed in the toughest market in the world. Dunne lets you learn all that General Motors has learned without all the pain and suffering and bleeding.
— Keith Crain , Publisher, Automotive News

Michael Dunne is also co-author of Three Revolutions published in March, 2018.

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Expertly shows the importance of electrification and shared rides as global cities transition to automated vehicle technology.
— Stella Li, President of BYD Motors Inc.